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About the Parish Council

Mulbarton is able to have 11 councillors and currently have 3 vacant seats for parish councillors and if you would like to find out more, contact the clerk.

Our Councillors

2022 10 Mark Kerr_edited.jpg
Mark Kerr (Chair)

I am a Mulbarton resident. I am recently retired  and feel that I have the time and life experiences to help our community.

I am a new member of the parish council and I am keen to understand how the council operates.

I think it is important to care about where we live as so many many things can have an impact on our daily lives.

I like to keep fit, I am always out and about with my two dogs.

I look forward to helping out on the Parish Council for the good and benefit of all in our community.

Mark is a member of The Common Steering Committee and Allotment working group

2023 01 Suzanne Aylmer
Suzanne Aylmer

I have lived in Mulbarton since 2010 with my three sons who grew up in the village. Two of my sons worked for a number of years in the local village shops and also played for Mulbarton Wanderers FC. I have joined the Parish Council in the village that I have made my home to help continue to make Mulbarton a lovely place to live. 

2023 01 R Harvey
Rebecca Harvey

I’ve lived in Mulbarton since 2011 and have a son who goes to Mulbarton Primary School and plays for Mulbarton Wanderers.

I’m the Secretary of Mulbarton Village Hall, and am involved in running the Village’s ‘Warm Space’ held every Monday, am on the Mulbarton Primary School PTA and was previously Secretary of Puddleducks Nursery.

I love the Village and the Community feel and want to help towards its future and benefits for everyone, including our children.

I work virtually as an Executive Assistant to a CEO.

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2022 07 Danny Gaskin.jpg
Danny Gaskin

I've lived in the village for almost forty years and in recent times I've been involved with Mulbarton Wanderers FC - coaching many young people and being an organiser of the annual Mulbarton Festival. When I was told about a need for new Councillors, I decided to join to try to make a positive difference for the whole community. I'm married with three boys, keen on many types of fitness and wellbeing, and in my spare time I run the family business. 

2022 07 Louis Kaszczak.jpg
Louis Kaszczak

. Louis is a member of the Common Steering Committee and planning working group.

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Tony Martin

I originate from The East End of London but have lived in Mulbarton since 1989. Recently retired from a long career in Supply Chain Management.

My son went to Mulbarton school and then went to Hethersett. 

We have a double plot on the the allotment site at Oakley Park South, I'm not a gardener but handy with hammer and nails to make raised beds,fences, shed and poly tunnel etc

Looking forward to being on the Parish Council hoping my enthusiasm career and communication skills will be of value to the council but more importantly the parishioners of Mulbarton

2022 08 Adam Banham.jpeg
Adam Banham (Vice-chair)

I moved to the village in 2009 with my then partner, and we got married in Mulbarton Church in 2012.  Since then, a couple of children have come along, and I can often be found taking the kids to the various parks around the village.
I joined the Parish Council in 2016 and enjoy most working with fellow residents to help make our fantastic village even better than it already is.

Adam is a member of the open spaces and play areas working group.

Dennis Wells

Originally born in Birmingham I spent many years in Australia. I have been a Mulbarton resident since 2006. After attending a couple of Parish Council meetings in 2022 I realised how short-handed the Parish Council has been. I joined in January 2023 to make my contribution to the community. I am a

member of the Mulbarton Church, the Community Speedwatch Group, the Mulbarton Allotments & Leisure Gardeners Association and was a volunteer marshall and occasional run director for the Mulbarton Parkrun.

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The Role of a Councillor


They are elected to represent the interest of the local community as a whole and promote a harmonious local environment. The number of elected Councillors depends on the size of the area, in Mulbarton we are able to have 13 Councillors.


Local Councils are the first tier of governance and are the first point of contact for anyone concerned with a community issue. They are democratically elected local authorities and exist in England, Wales and Scotland. The term 'Local Council' is synonymous with ' Parish Council, 'Town Council' and 'Community Council'.


Local Councils are made up of locally elected Councillors. They are legally obliged to hold at least four meetings a year.  Most meet on a monthly cycle to discuss council business and hear from local residents.  District and County Councillors regularly attend parish meetings and report at the Annual Parish meeting. Councillors are expected to attend meetings on a regular basis.​

Councillors must abide by a Code of Conduct, a set of rules on how Councillors are expected to behave. They must also declare their financial interests in the parish, details of which are kept by the District Council.

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